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In 2009, after experiencing several life transitions from relocating, a professional turning point, and the passing of loved ones, I knew it was time to own my space and surrounding energy. The one aspect that kept coming back, as I would write in all my signature lines, was "With Gratitude". I knew to having a "Space of Gratitude" was the one affirmation and action that allowed me to be grateful for what the world brought and took away. By grit and grace, it wasn't until 2012, where Space of Gratitude, became my LLC and my mantra.  


Today, this attitude and mantra of gratitude, has humbly placed me at several seated tables. Gratitude, for me, is about; God my creator, self, earth, and relationships with people and situations I encounter. 


With over 20 years of expertise and love of wellness, relaxation, and serving, I have chosen to provide a gifting boutique to create a lifestyle of gratitude for others.  I hope you enjoy your shopping experience.



With Gratitude,


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