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Balance & Energy AnalysisI (In Person)

Know your Balance, Energy and Stress Levels (Private Session)

  • 150 US dollars
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Descripción del servicio

Balance & Energy Analysis with a revolutionary tool to scan your energy level, stress level, and your 7 chakra channels. This knowledge will help you understand what your body needs for optimal energy and to operate at peak performance. You receive an email with all of your photos, a full PDF report, and a custom MP3 music track that is about 8 minutes to balance your Chakras. This service compliments our Sound Bath and Sound Therapy services. Before your scan: No Pacemaker, or myocardial infractions (i.e. a heart attack) Long nails must be shortened or we can't get an accurate scan. Wait 1.5 - 2 hours after eating before your scan Don't wash your hands 20 minutes before your scan Remove watches, and rings that you only wear during the daytime. No phones on the body during the scan No hand lotions or sanitizers before the scan While this is not a medical device, it does deliver an extremely accurate and effective way to see the effect that different kinds of stimuli have upon the body. ​

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Maryland, USA

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