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Palo Santo  Bundle Sticks

Palo Santo Bundle Sticks

  • 1. Use Lighter or Match to Light the tip of the Palo Santo Stick


    2. Light in a downward direction away from your face


    3.  Blow out flame aft3er 20-30 seconds.


    4. Use ceramic, cast iron, porcelain or abalone shell to hold the Palo Santo wood.


    Keep out of children's reach.




  • Bundle comes with 4 sticks and 1 lavender sachet.

    Palo Santo. Spanish for "holy wood," Palo Santo is simply wood from the Bursera graveolens tree.

    Many trace Palo Santo's spiritual significance back to the Incas, and it has figured prominently in indigenous South American medicine as a sacred incense. Burning it was believed to cleanse a person's energy field (the area around a person that absorbs and deflects outside emotions and energetic influences) and heal physical ailments.

    Burning a stick or two can help if you move into a new house. The smoke should have a purifying, grounding effect that might even increase your focus and good fortune, which is why some people like to light a stick while meditating.

    Even if you aren't interested in cleansing rituals, you still might want to keep a stick of Palo Santo handy. Its smoke and essential oil actually make a good natural alternative to insect repellent.

    If nothing else, burning Palo Santo smells fantastic (like a blend of citrus, pine, and mint).

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